The secret of most lottery winners is revealed by this simple action they take each game


Joe and Rhonda Meath collected their $11.7 Million jackpot at the Minnesota Lottery headquarters.

I'm in the business of winning. So I'm always interested in other winners, and how they achieved their vision.

And in the years of reading, talking and watching, I believe I have the answer to why winners succeed.

The answer is simply this: They stick to their game.

Look at the huge successes in life. You will see, time after time, they have stuck to their career and business.

They have taken one area of life that they're good at, and relentlessly pursuedt it.

When times are tough, they simply redouble their efforts. Long after most people give up -…after being misdirected by the media, their friends and advisors … these super-winners ignore the facts and make their own reality.

Sometimes it's not easy. There are no 'overnight successes.' The successful among us have usually been battling on for years - decades even, before their efforts pay off.


Are you an Amazon user? You'll know founder and owner Jeff Bezos, above. It took him 8 years before he turned a profit. And now Amazon is a colossus among retailers, online or offline. And Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in history with over $110 Billion.

He considers his fortune the result of a successful lottery. At a dinner early in 2018, he said “I’m in the process of converting my Amazon lottery winnings into a much lower price of admission so we can go explore the solar system.”

In my own previous field - newspapers, Rupert Murdoch started as a pimply apprentice in his teens. Notwithstanding the fact that he took over his father's paper, Rupert made good by pressing on year after year. Now, several decades later, he controls much of the world's media.

There's more winners than you can name... Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffet. They all capitalized on their strengths and put years of continuous effort into achieving greatness.

And of course, the lottery's no different.

The winners here are still the persistent.

Most of us want instant riches. The reality is that it takes much consistent effort to get there. But every time you play your game, the rules of perseverance increase, and the odds of chance reduce.

Together they accelerate your winning possibilities.


It's time to step up and take action.

Then take action again and again until you win. You start by buying the Silver Lotto System.

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Cynthia Stafford won the Mega Millions lottery in 2007, and before she lost most of her fortune, was an inspiration donating to worthwhile organizations.