How to attract unlimited luck with a simple daily task that guarantees your lotto winning goals


I want to tell you about my own experience in getting what I wished for. I've done it for numerous items, even winning lottery prizes. And best of all, it's duplicable, and easy to do ... takes just a few minutes each day.

Back in our old home, I told my wife that in our next house I was going to have a dream life - a  home office with expansive sea views that we would view through floor-to-ceiling windows.

The office would be large with a wall of glass, and have a separate seating area for visitors, while my desk would be equipped with two flat-screen computers and the best gear available.

What a change it would make from my grey, cramped office with battered furniture and a bleak view of the street I had back then.

Guess what? We shifted to my dream home in just a few short years. And today I am sitting on a Herman Miller Aeron chair, the Rolls Royce of executive chairs - right in the middle of that very vision.


Photo via Herman Miller

My contemporary Italian glass-topped desk matches the chair. And as I look past triple 27" Apple monitors, the sparkling harbor is spread out through the venetian blinds and floor to ceiling windows.

And every day, as the sun streams across the hill and deep blue waters, I give silent thanks for the opportunity to work in such luxurious surroundings.

So what has this got to do with winning lotto?

Exactly this...when you have a vision or dream, and write it down as I did, and review it constantly, your mind works towards attracting it to you.

What exactly do you want out of this life? Do you know? Is it fame, fortune, or family?

When you write down your goals on paper, that step is one of the biggest moves you'll ever make towards achieving success.

You might think that winning lotto is down to luck and chance, but I know differently.

In fact, psychologists tell us that when a goal or dream is made real, the subconscious part of the brain can't tell the difference between thought and reality. So it goes ahead, working away regardless, and you get to achieve some mighty results.

You can achieve them in winning the lottery - within reason. It's obvious you can't change the numbers in a lotto game to suit you and no-one else.

And it's silly to think that simply wishing for the Big Win will make it come true all of a sudden. But what this visioneering WILL do is sharpen your mind so you can start being a luck attractor:

- You'll be aware of more lottery opportunities around you so you'll play more.

- You will get involved with like-minded people who will cheer you on, making the goal more obtainable.

- You won't get discouraged when your prizes are small, but will look forward to the next chance to change your lotto future.

- Your mental antennae will be attuned to seek out better lottery deals. You may even give up the big games with their unobtainable jackpots to get many more prizes in smaller games.

- You will become more optimistic and positive.

- You will read articles like this one with a changed attitude. The information you receive will expand your mind and increase your potential.

In short, your written goals will change your perception, your luck, and even your life. For the first time you won't see yourself as a victim of circumstance - but a winner-in-waiting!

Not only will these easy steps help you achieve lotto victory, but you will become a better person... full of hope and vitality.

And winning the lottery becomes a fact, not a fancy.

All you have to do is write your goals in detail, in a diary each day, and look at them frequently. You will be successful in achieving whatever you write, and as a living example of that method, I can confirm that!