Live outside the USA but want to play Mega Millions, Powerballs, or many other lottery games?


An anonymous Oregon Megabucks winner who won with The Lotter displays his promotional check.

Live outside the USA, Canada or Australia and want to play the lottery games in those countries?

There's some big jackpots, but how are you going to play them?

There is a way you can do that today: The Lotter.

The Lotter is a worldwide lottery ticket purchasing service that buys physical tickets in 42 games world-wide for you - in the countries themselves.

What are lottery ticket buying services

There are a number of third-party businesses which offer to buy tickets for lotteries around the world for you. They are sometimes known as lottery ticket messenger services.

The advantage is accessibility, so you can play a lottery even if you live outside the country where the lottery is drawn. The Lotter's authorised agents buy tickets on your behalf and you are given proof of purchase.

Why you should use them

You should use them because if you don't live in the country of the lottery organisation, you may not have a choice. So this service is the only way you can take part in the world's giant lotteries. If you live outside USA, Canada and Australia, you can play using The Lotter.


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Here’s how The Lotter works

You choose the lotteries you wish to play and purchase your tickets on their website. Their local office staff all over the world purchases tickets from official lottery retailers on your behalf. You see scanned copies of your tickets before the draw. The Lotter will notify you when you win and transfer the lottery prizes to your account commission free.

Why I prefer The Lotter

There are many ticket buying services, and I researched many of them before selecting The Lotter many years ago. I get a lot of questions about buying tickets, and I've always been able to pass on my recommendation for them. 

However, I decided early this year to fully commit and become an affiliate for the service. I get a commission when you play, but it does not increase your costs at all.

Since I rarely recommend a service - especially in the lottery business - I had to make sure my selection was worthy since my reputation relies on it. I believe in this case I've chosen correctly.

Here's some, but not all the reasons I have for committing to The Lotter and why you can use it happily too:

- Trustworthy: The main reason is accountability. The Lotter will provide proof of your ticket purchase and show it to you online so you know exactly what you're getting. This transparency is a big feature.

- Longevity: They have been operating since 2002. For many people, the length of time in operation is a big factor in how you can trust businesses. I have been selling the Silver Lotto System online since 1995, and I look for longevity in others as major proof of trust.

- Game Selection: They have a large selection of the most popular games. How else could you buy tickets in Spain's billion-dollar El Gordo - the biggest lottery on the planet when you don’t live there? See below for a list.

- Upfront fees: They don't charge a commission on the prizes, so you get the full value prize offered by the lottery. The Lotter makes the profit necessary for running their business at the ticket purchasing end in your fee.

Who can use The Lotter

Residents of most countries can buy tickets through their service. At the moment The Lotter can't provide their service to residents of the United States, Canada or Australia, though they working on it, and I'm told this will be coming soon. There are some other countries like Israel and Turkey and others that for one reason or another cannot use a lottery buying service.

Games you can play using The Lotter and the Silver Lotto System

There are 42 games available from The Lotter. Because some of these games are not English-language based, I can’t provide LottoPredict or PRO Custom Profiles for them because of the language barrier.

However, you can use the standard Silver Lotto System to make your own Profiles and play them from your country.

The Lotter games that you can play with both LottoPredict and PRO available are listed here. If you have the System with LottoPredict, just log in to your Silver Lotto Membership Site and go to the PRO menu to order:


I get a commission when you play through The Lotter, but this does not increase your costs at all. So what are you waiting for!