What Do These Car-Crazy Lottery Winners Have Sitting In Their Garages?


Paul And Ginny Wood pose in a convertible Aston Martin after winning £1 million in a 2013 Euromillions game. It's no surprise what Paul will buy - he works at the Aston Martin plant in UK. Photo: Coventry Observer

It is the natural combination of a lot of money and the need for exotic transport that makes many lottery winners go overboard when they select their cars. Some of the cars lottery winners chose will surprise you, take a look:

In 2004 Sharon Tirabassi, a single mother who had been on welfare, cashed a check from the Ontario Lottery for $10.5 million. Not sure what this car is, but's heavily modded! via Business Insider

David Edwards and his fiancée, Shawna Maddux, pose in front of their Palm Beach home and Bentley in 2001. He won a $27 million Powerball jackpot.

Mum-of-two Gillian Bayford won £148 million in the Euromillions lottery with Adrian, her husband of nine years. But in 2013 they had split up and she started a ­relationship with Alan Warnock, the man who sold her a fleet of luxury cars including this Audi convertible.

Don Damon nearly bought a new '58 Pontiac as a young man. Since winning $96.6 million in a 2009 Powerball lottery, he was able to track down this beautiful chopped purple and white '58 Pontiac Star Chief, making that long-ago dream come true. PHOTO: THE WICHITA EAGLE

A 30 second New York Powerball ad involving plenty of upmarket cars with a surprise twist at the end.

Ryan Magee won a £6.4million EuroMillions jackpot in 2008. Three years later he was driving the 202mph, £173,000 Ferrari 458 Italia in treacherous conditions when he crashed. Photo: Daily Record

USA fire officials are investigating the cause of an early morning car fire that destroyed an Audi R8 belonging to Rahul Patel, a Connecticut $25 million Powerball winner. The car is only one of two of its kind in the United States and was valued at $140,000. Photo: Scott R. Bisson

Adam Young and Tracy Tyler won £5.8million in the UK National Lottery after scooping a jackpot in 2013. They're pictured here with a Range Rover, one of their intended purchases. Photo: Daily Mail

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