Winning the lottery often is easy when you finally realise this weird pattern


All these lottery players won multiple times in their games. Is it possible to discover their secret?

As a teenager I can remember mowing the lawn outside my grandparent's house while my grandmother was teaching singing.

I was using a handmower, so there was no real noise.

And out of those open windows came the most glorious sound of voice and piano as her pupils sang. Several of her regular students went on to gain recognition in their field.

And I noticed something interesting - a weird pattern.


The song contest winners were always the ones practicing most often, sometimes taking additional classes.

It's well known that the more you do a task, the higher the chance of something happening:

  • Play more video games than your friends? You'll get better than them, and faster.

  • Do you brush your teeth frequently? They'll most likely be brighter at the end of a week.

  • Walk every day for 30 minutes? You'll be a lot fitter than most couch potatoes.

  • Crash your car a lot? Chances are you're driving more frequently than most other people.

Do you see a pattern here?

Why do I and many other Silverites win a lot?

Because we play more often and with more tickets than the general public.


Maybe you play every game in the week to try and get improved wins. One of our Silverites played all 3 Illinois Lotto games a week until I stopped him with some straight advice.

If you play frequently with few tickets, say 10 games with 3-5 tickets, you probably won't make much of an impact on the jackpot.

That's like driving your car to the end of your driveway and back each day, instead of travelling long distance interstate daily. You’re getting nowhere fast.

But if you saved up and played with 50 tickets in one game, now your chances rocket.

That's how the Silver Lotto System works. And I can tell you it works real well.

I sincerely hope you don't have a car crash. But I do hope you take these principles and make them work for you.