RICH IS: Diving in your own mini-submarine around a luxury private island


Virgin Group billionaire Richard Branson owns a 74-acre retreat in the Caribbean called Necker Island, where his luxury resort can accommodate up to 30 people.

When lottery winners get tired of lounging by the pool or beach, they can hang out on Branson's yacht, the Necker Belle, or explore the sea on his submarine, the Necker Nymph.

Now It's Powerball's Turn To Make Some Lucky Players Super Rich


With less than 3 days to the next draw on Saturday, and millions of losing Mega Millions players looking for another opportunity, Powerball could be the next billion dollar fortune-maker.

UPDATE: The US Powerball hit $750 million in a sudden jump from the $620M it has previously sat for the last several days. It has now been stable at $750M which will likely be the final figure.

RICH IS: Being The First Billionaire Tourist To Orbit The Moon In A SpaceX Rocket

The 14th richest man is Japan has just won the lottery for space travel. Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is about to step aboard the experimental SpaceX BFR spacecraft and fly around the moon. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced at a press conference today that Yusaku Maezawa, a 42-year-old entrepreneur, online fashion website and art collector worth US$2.7B, will be taking the flight in 2023.

Maezawa recently introduced a custom-fit clothing brand, and the ZOZOSUIT, an at-home measurement system, in over 72 countries and territories. Now he'll be able to inspect his empire from space, accompanied by 6 to 8 fellow travelers of his choosing.

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Donald Trump Once Gave Money Lessons To These Lottery Winning Millionaires [VIDEO]


Billionaire and at the time presidential-hopeful Donald Trump once gave advice to three groups of lottery winners. It was part of the TV show "It Could Happen To You" and the Donald told them the best way to handle their wins. Was his advice good enough?

Donald Trump's Financial Power Lesson For Every Lottery Player

Donald Trump's Financial Power Lesson For Every Lottery Player

Ruthless and determined...Trump never gives up!

I heard a story about Donald Trump a while back. You know The Donald... the New York property billionaire - with the hair and now president.

Turns out he was sailing close to the financial wind a few years back and losing a lot of money.

He was almost on the verge of bankruptcy. But he had a plan.

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Bitcoin Vs Lottery... Which Gives The Biggest Payback For Your Buck?

Bitcoin Vs Lottery... Which Gives The Biggest Payback For Your Buck?

There's quite a stir about Bitcoin these days. Investors like the Winklevoss twins - the first Bitcoin Billionaires - are making massive profits.

Or so they say. Although they might forget - this is on paper only. They still have to cash up, and to do that they need willing buyers.

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