Why you should not view the lottery as a business investment and how this lets you win more


Have you got a business mindset? A lot of people have, without knowing it.

Even just running a household takes some business acumen... making sure you have enough food in the cupboards and the power and water are paid on time.

Some of us are good at that, others not so.

But what many lottery players do is try and make lotto a business.

They add up their ticket costs, add up their wins, and see if they're ahead.

In business it's called profit and loss.

At home it's called a housekeeping budget.

Whatever name it goes by, it is a big mistake trying to make lottery fit into these categories.

Because some players go for years without a win, then hit a massive jackpot.

Others with my System usually take less time.

But I get some players emailing me, asking why they're not winning more than they paid in ticket costs.

It's entirely the wrong way to think about it.

Your ticket costs are in fact an entry fee. Nothing else. They are not an investment.

My System is an investment.

But the price of your tickets is not.

When you understand that difference, you'll start to feel good about playing.

Because at some point along the track - and no-one can tell you when, but it does happen - you're going to start winning.

Some of you will win more than you paid out, quickly, others not so fast.

Some of you will win constantly. Like me, you'll be using a lot of PRO tickets when LottoPredict tells you the time is right and you'll do well.

It's important to remember that your tickets are an entry fee... a way to get into the game, just like football, baseball or a fashion show.

What happens after that is up to the way you choose to use your System.

Those using PRO will usually come out ahead quicker, but as is normal with games of chance I can't promise that.

All I can do is give examples of others who are winning and tell you that the odds of getting the same results are very high if you follow my easy instructions.

And remember that you should be celebrating EVERY win... because the chance of getting wins without my System are rare.

When you have my System, every win has the highest opportunity to be the jackpot of any method I know.

Every win is worth celebrating, because even with a $10 win you've overcome enormous odds right there.

You've won when the majority of the world fail.

Most players forget that and want their lottery 'business' to balance the books.

Now you know the truth and your expectations are real, throw away your calculator.

You'll start to enjoy your games a lot more.

Tell me when you win too, I'm always keen to hear from you - even if it's just a few hundred, or you're winning often.