The easy steps to get whatever you want fast - even if you want to win the lottery


You can achieve wealth through both winning and goal setting. Both are easy.

Getting what you want. It's the simplest thing in the world to do, and I will show you how in just a few minutes.

To start, take a piece of paper and a pen. Or you can use a computer screen, but actually a paper-based list is best.

Then write down the wildest dreams of wealth you've ever had.

  • Is it living in a massive mansion?

  • Driving a fleet of European luxury autos?

  • Powering a giant cigarette boat through the smooth, sparkling waters of the Caribbean?

  • Or helping your family out of difficulty?

  • Donating to your local church to get them a new building?

  • Saving a third world village from disease by giving them water?

Or all of these?

On your piece of paper, write down exactly what you want - but do it in emotional words. Make them as real as possible using all the senses of sight and sound.

Now, notice two interesting points about this goal setting that I haven't told you yet...

1. You don't need a deadline.

2. You don't need a dollar amount.

That's intentional.

Because it's a weird fact of life about goal setting. If you challenge the mind in a moderate way, it will respond happily.

But if your goals seem too big, then the mind starts to react, to withdraw.

"You can't possibly afford this," your subconscious mind will say to you. "You are not worthy of such a dream. It simply won't work for you. You are too short/fat/messy/poor/undisciplined."

So the mind will rebel when the date or amount is set. That's because it is being challenged with reality when the goal should still be a dream.

Your mind reacts like this because it knows, deep down inside, you haven't yet got to the stage when you think you can achieve your goals.

So it's important NOT to put a date or price on your ambition.

You need to give your goals an adjustment time.

Give enough time, and the mind works out the "how" automatically for you. That time extension gives the mind free range to establish its own boundaries.

I've followed these goal setting guidelines for practically everything I've owned.

And it is infallible.

In fact, one of the biggest problems I face is that I've run out of goals. I have achieved everything I ever wanted.

But the craziest thing of all about goal setting is that you need to write your goal down.

Strange but true, when you do it, the act of writing forms a commitment. It confirms your goal. And for that reason, the reality of your goal makes your mind work on it.

Notice I'm not talking about winning lotto.

Because winning the lottery is a byproduct of your goal setting.

Form your goals first, and they will then be achieved for you in different ways.

It may be through lotto.

  • But it could also be someone leaving you money in a will.

  • It could also be a great once in a lifetime deal that you are able to grab.

  • It could even be having a greater desire to achieve your goal that keeps you playing lotto each week when you'd normally give up.

Whatever shape your goal comes in, write it down and leave the solution to work out for you.

Try it. It works like crazy.


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