How to make Friday 13th your wildest lottery winning opportunity ever


A Friday 13th Mega Millions draw was lucky for Kendall Warren, 61, and his wife Susan, who won $27 million in the Michigan Lottery.

Many superstitious players avoid this unlucky date, but I love it! That’s because people who are driven by superstition will let many winning chances pass by them, and we players benefit. Here's why.

One of the quickest ways to lose a lot of money in the lottery is to share your prize with many others. As well, taxes take over 50% of whatever remains, so it's important to keep as much of the original win as possible.

The grim cost of sharing: A record 133 players shared a £16.2 million jackpot in the UK National Lottery. Graphic:

So lottery draws on Friday 13th are music to my ears because that's the day superstitious players avoid. Superstition is based on primitive fear, and that stops a lot of people being useful in today's modern society - along with playing lotto.

Twelve Connecticut Lottery players and co-workers shared a Friday 13th $50,000 Powerball prize.

But as long as many use these fears to limit their playing, I don't really mind. It means less competition for the professional player because we get to share prizes with fewer players.

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