Here's a valuable giant checklist you can use today to play and win any lottery game


I run my life on checklists. Every day I have about 20 items I need to do daily for my business.

If I forget one point on the list, my effectiveness drops. Maybe I'll miss an essential part for my customers.

For example, I have 7 items to cover writing and posting this blog post. Now, I've done it for so many years that I should know the procedure off by heart.

But if I get interrupted in any way and come back a few hours later, with the checklist I know exactly where I left off in the process.

You can use a similar checklist for winning the lottery. Here's a list of items you need to check off before, during and after you start playing:


[ ] Have you written a "Win List" of the things you want to buy with your prize?

[ ] Have you visited your local lotto organization so you know where to collect your main prize?

[ ]Have you made a list of charities you'll give to when you win over $500,000?

[ ] Have you looked at the showrooms for a new car to replace your old one?

[ ] Have you checked the real estate pages for your next home?

[ ] Have you looked at the local marina to see where you'll berth your new cruise boat?

[ ] Have you selected a needy family for your anonymous donation?

[ ] Have you kept your dreams alive by reviewing your Win List each day?

[ ] Do you have positive reminders like pictures of cars and houses around you?

Getting Ticket Money

Here's a list of ways you can get extra cash to pay for more tickets without spending the housekeeping:

  • Stop drinking (you know, the alcohol stuff).

  • Stop eating out, cook at home.

  • Stop buying coffee, take Starbucks off your list.

  • Stop buying lunch, brownbag it.

  • Stop grocery shopping without a list.

  • Stop buying brand products, generics are fine.

  • Stop buying anything anymore, that means clothes too.

  • Stop buying books and magazines.

  • Stop buying bottled water, fill your own.

  • Stop driving, go by rail, bus.

  • Stop smoking, nuff said.

  • Stop buying bargains.

  • Stop any hobby which costs money.


[ ] Are your tickets in a pouch or folder so they are protected?

[ ] Have you double checked to see that you have entered all the numbers correctly

[ ] Do you have the right number of tickets?

[ ] Have you have left enough time to play before the game's deadline?

[ ] If you are a member of a private syndicate, do you have rules of play and ownership clearly agreed?

[ ] Does your game have the smallest number of balls and numbers?

[ ] Are you avoiding the 7 (bonus) ball games?

[ ] Are you playing one or more times a week?

[ ] Are you buying more than $10-$20 worth of tickets each time?

[ ] Are you playing one type of game each time?

[ ] Are you playing an off-peak game with fewer players so you get a bigger share of any win?

[ ] Are you using the same Profiles each time you play and not changing them?

[ ] Are you buying tickets early in the week (to make sure you don't miss out, and to give yourself more anticipation)?

[ ] Are you going to your local lotto shop at the same time each week?

[ ] Are you using real money to play - not just paper-playing off the results?


[ ] Did you get your tickets checked by the retailer?

[ ] Did you get your tickets back from the retailer?

[ ] Have you written your name on your winning tickets?

[ ] Have you kept your winning tickets in a safe place?

Before You Claim Your Prize

[ ] Have you made paper copies of your winning tickets?

[ ] Have you made a digital copy of your winning tickets?

[ ] Have you put your tickets in a safe or bank deposit box?

[ ] Have you not told anyone about your win?

[ ] Have you contacted a tax attorney?

[ ] Have you contacted a family planning attorney?

[ ] Have you seen a licensed accountant?

[ ] Have you changed your address, at least temporarily?

[ ] Have you changed your phones to unlisted numbers?

[ ] Have you ordered a private box for your mail?

Claiming Your Prize

[ ] Will you get your lottery winnings as a lump-sum?

[ ]  Or will you choose the annual payment spread out over 20 to 30 years?

After Claiming Your Prize

[ ] Are you using the professionals you contacted?

[ ] Have you paid off all existing debt?

[ ] Do you have a 6 month's emergency fund?

[ ] Have you put aside a percentage of your winnings to a retirement account?

[ ] Will you set up a College Fund for your kids?

[ ] Have you given to those less fortunate?