Follow this 71-year-old famous author's $90 million-a-year secret to learn a remarkable lottery lesson


Acclaimed crime novelist and author James Patterson shows the way we should be playing the lottery to win. Photo: Vanity Fair

Winning the lottery is easy. All you need is the right lotto System (which I hope you already have!), and to take action by playing a game a week with more than 10-20 tickets a time.

But to win more, you need to follow James Patterson’s secret. The popular fiction writer who makes $90 million a year and has sold over 305 million books, can tell us how.


James Patterson's luxury home in Palm Beach. Photo: Vanity Fair

His main secret to his vast success in the writing world is exactly the same as any other kind of activity, lottery or business - he takes massive action.

He writes a lot. James Patterson employs over 20 other co-writers to pump out 15 books and more a year. He gives them a script, then follows up with editing until he's happy to put his name on the book.

Patterson putting these new book titles out each year is the same as playing more lotteries with more tickets.

It's no different to playing the lottery to win. You need to have a large number of tickets played a large number of times to win.

Sometimes you can get away with less. Mineola Oaks, a retiree living in Washington Heights, New York has played lotto every day, spending $3-$5 a day - and more on Tuesday - for over 20 years.

That adds up to almost $30,000 she spent. But several years ago she won $100,000 - all down to playing frequently.


James Patterson has written a fiction novel, “The President Is Missing,” with former president Bill Clinton.

This frequency is important. And if you want to scale up your wins to get faster wins and more frequent results, you need to take a leaf out of James Patterson's book.

He took massive action in his business, and it's no secret that his book empire grew the fastest when he started writing on a bigger scale around 2002. Follow his example, and any time you want to get more, you should do more:

  • To earn more, work more

  • To buy more, spend more

  • To travel further, drive more

  • To learn more, read more

  • To get fatter, eat more

  • To bike faster, pedal more

  • To learn more, study more

It works for almost everything in life. You should use massive action first, and then apply these tips for winning the lottery:

TIP #1 - Play the games with the LOWEST number of balls and numbers. Players who willingly enter 1-star number large ball games (like Mega Millions or Powerball) should realise that their odds dwindle away as the numbers increase. While having the Silver Lotto System with PRO will make up for most of those poor odds, the rules of physics always apply. Games with smaller number of balls and numbers always get the best result.

RULE #2 - Play frequently. Remember the stories many people have about meeting long lost friends at an overseas airport? It's simply because the airport is a hub for frequency. Just like the airport, my System brings numbers together, reduces risk, improves performance, and puts everything together in one spot. The odds of winning are hugely magnified when you play frequently.

RULE #3 - Use the whole Silver Lotto System. You CAN play with part of my System and win with just a couple of tickets. But it will take longer. You should add LottoPredict and PRO Custom Profiles as soon as possible to get winning faster and more often.

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