Blooper alert as Pennsylvania Lottery live draw gives these lottery presenters a headache

Sometimes life - and the lottery - doesn't always go to plan. This viewer video of the Pennsylvania Lottery live tv draw in January 2015 was a disaster from start to finish.

One comment noted: "I watched this on WPVI in Philly. I was shocked. I don't recall any problems involving 2 or more machines in all my years watching the PA Lottery TV drawings."

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The awesome confessions of a super lottery winner moved me, but sadly there's no happy ending

LOOK BACK: In 2007 Cynthia Stafford was the winner of a $112 million jackpot from California's Mega Millions Lottery. In this video she speaks on how she got that win using the law of attraction, and reveals some background about her past. When I read that she filed for bankruptcy in January 2016 it was a shock. Apparently she gave too much money away to good causes, and ended up needing help herself. A sad end for a truly inspirational woman.