Are you really set for life on a $1 million win today asks lottery winner?


Will $1 million last you through retirement years? Here’s some answers from the experts.

Jim Fain of Central Georgia said he felt a sense of relief after winning $1 million in the lottery several years ago. He said winning this amount is great, but it doesn't mean you are set for life.

"There is no backing off," Fain said. "Actually it makes you work harder."

Fain said he and his wife don't spend lasciviously, but with smart investments, they are able to live a comfortable life.

"We're still middle-class Americans and we still live at below our means," Fain said. "It was a great cushion for us to make some good sound financial decisions for our family."

Jimmy Walter, a financial adviser at Edward James, said $1 million is not worth what it once was.

"We know the value of the dollar goes down a little bit. That's what we call inflation," he said. "And so $1 million today is not what $1 million was to our parents or our grandparents."

Walters said the average person doesn't have to win the lottery to obtain financial freedom during retirement.

"If somebody were to put at age 20, if they were to put away $200 a month and invest in something somewhat conservative, but if they want to play in the market and get six, seven, eight percent return, and by the time they get ready to retire at 65, they can have about $1 million in the bank," he said.

Fain said he has a suggestion for anyone who suddenly comes into a large sum of money.

"Go get a mentor that you trust that can advise you on things to look up based on your personal needs," he said.

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