Simon Cowell's American Idol Winning Secret Works For Lotto

Simon Cowell can give back as much as he takes.

You probably know about Simon Cowell, producer and acid-tongued judge in the "American Idol" tv series.

He's one of the highest paid people in the business. His fortune is estimated around $364 million. And despite that he still plays the lottery.

In fact, he's so rich that he can afford to drop a million-dollar Mercedes back to the dealer because it ran out of petrol. Then borrow a Bentley to catch an appointment. Then he liked the Bentley so much he bought it on the spot - and sold the Mercedes back to the dealer at a whopping loss.

True story, from the lips of the guy who bought his trade-in.

How can Simon afford to throw money around like water?

He has a secret to his success, and it isn't what you think.

When I read about winners in any walk of life, I'm constantly surprised at the one trait they all seem to possess. This trait can be bottled up and sold.

It can even be used in winning lotto. It's a trait so simple in operation that anyone can use it.

And Simon Cowell uses it always.

It's called "Action."

Constant action is the key to winning. It's the reason Simon has been called a workaholic for most of his life... but that's really just another term for action.

It is the basis of my systems too. Playing one ticket a month will not work.

Playing 10,000 tickets in one game every 6 months will not work.

The secret is constant action in the same game, playing regularly, again and again until success is found.

Simon Cowell only plays in the field where his skills and tactics are proven to work. And he succeeds as a result of taking constant action in it.

Unless we enter one game every week, constantly playing without fail at the game we have selected, we will get nowhere.

Most achievements are made in slow time, but using constant action.

For example, want to save $1,000 by the end of the year?

Don't put any old amount away only when you can afford it. Instead, work out how many paydays you have till the end of the year, divide them up and put that amount away each time, regardless.

At the end of the year you'll have your thousand bucks without any effort.

It's the same with lotto. Playing lotto regularly each week will bring you the same success, because you are constantly chipping away at the rules of chance.

And eventually - if not sooner - your time will come.