You've Got The Silver Lotto System and LottoPredict... Now It's Time To Ramp Up Your Win Rate With PRO Custom Profiles!

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q. What games does Silver Lotto PRO cover?

A. Here's the list:-

Australia - 6/45

Australia - Gold Lotto

Australia - Mon&Wed Lotto

Australia - Oz Lotto

Australia - Powerball

Australia - X Lotto

British Columbia - BC49

Canada - Atlantic 49

Canada - Lotto 649

Canada - Lotto MAX 7/49 

Canada - Ontario 49

Canada - Western 649


Greece - Lotto

Ireland - National Lotto

New Zealand - Lotto

Philippines - Lotto 6/42 

Singapore - Toto

South Africa - National Lotto

South Africa - Powerball 

UK - National Lottery

UK - EuroMillions


USA Lotto America

USA Megabucks - TriState

USA MegaMillions

USA PowerBall


USA - Arizona The Pick 

USA - California - Super Lotto Plus

USA - Colorado - Lotto

USA - Connecticut - Classic Lotto

USA - Florida - Lotto

USA - Georgia Jumbo Bucks

USA - Illinois - Lotto

USA - Indiana - Hoosier Lottery

USA - Louisiana - Lotto

USA - Massachusetts Megabucks 

USA - Michigan Classic Lotto 47

USA - Missouri - Lotto

USA - New Jersey - Pick Six 

USA - New York - Lotto

USA - Ohio Classic Lotto

USA - Oregon - MegaBucks 

USA - Pennsylvania Match 6 Lotto 

USA - Texas - Lotto Texas

USA - Virginia Bank A Million

USA - Washington - Lotto 

USA - Wisconsin Megabucks 

Q. Are there any extra costs?

A. Once you've bought the Silver Lotto System with the LottoPredict System ($12.95/month), your PRO Custom Profiles are all you need. Apart from your lotto ticket, there are no extra costs.

Q. How much do I have to spend each game?

A. You decide. Maybe as little as $20 total. But the more you spend, the better your odds become.

Q. Will I get the same 98% win rate like you?

A. You might. My win percentage applies to the New Zealand Lotto game, and I use the whole Profile (40 lines) each time to achieve my success rate. At times I have still won a prize using less lines. As with all lottery products, there is a certain amount of luck in getting a prize in that last 2% and there's no guarantee every time!

Q. How much work or preparation do I have to do?

A. Most of it is done for you. All you have to do is read the section in the Silver Lotto Membership Site which tells you how to fill out your tickets from the PRO Custom Profiles. You fill them out once - ever. Then each time before you go down to the lotto store, you log in to your LottoPredict, and in a couple of seconds you'll see which set of coupons to use for that game. Couldn't be easier!

Q. How do I start?

A. Check the list of games above that are covered by Silver Lotto PRO. See if yours is there. If so, then buy now from the PRO menu in your Silver Lotto Membership Site and get started.


You can order your PRO Custom Profiles right now from your Silver Lotto Membership Site. Just login HERE and go to the PRO menu.

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