ATTENTION: Do You Make These 7 Mistakes Playing Lotto?

Big mistake - the Bennet family almost missed out on their $1.3 million Megabucks prize when the clerk gave them a wrong ticket - but it won them the lottery prize!

So you think winning the lottery is just a matter of filling out some numbers? Well, no surprise, there's more to it than that.

Many players restrict themselves by not paying attention to these following mistakes. Recognise if you've made any of these, then change your strategy to start winning again:

MISTAKE #1. Not being brave enough.
Are you a timid person financially? Do you dither in the supermarket over which packet of cereal you should choose? Now's the time to change your attitude. The Silver Lotto System works well with say, $5-$10 worth of tickets. But it works even better with $50. That's because your win rate is greater when you give it a bigger chance. So don't hold back. Take a bold step for the next game and give it your best shot by adding more money to the mix. You'll be surprised at what comes back to you.

MISTAKE #2. Jumping all over the place.
One week you'll use the first 10 lines from your Profiles, and the next week you'll use from lines 20 to 40. Then you'll split between the two, or take another game altogether. Strategy-wise, it's like trying to corral a herd of cats. You're spreading yourself thin, and that never works. Stick to your knitting. Follow the Silver Lotto System instructions to the letter - and stay focused!

MISTAKE #3. Playing too late in the week.
One of the fun things in playing the lottery game is anticipation. Thinking each day what and who you will spend your winnings on. If you make your entries early in the week, you will have more time to visionate your new life. But leaving it until the day of play won't bring you that shivery excitement of deciding where to put your next $30 million!

MISTAKE #4. Adding a random number or two.
Some people spy an apparent 'hole' in my system. They think it doesn't look right for some reason, and decide to add their own version. Sometimes they think the system will look a bit odd - even split away from the rules on other times. Don't worry, it's intentional. Trust and play. Don't put in your street number, a hot number from the horoscope, or that license plate number from a red car passing exactly on noon. It won't do you any good. Follow the instructions.

MISTAKE #5. Not staying in the game.
Play a game. Play the next game. Repeat until winning. Simple, ain't it!

MISTAKE #6. Overplaying.
Despite what I tell you to do - and with all my enthusiasm for this marvelous game of chance - never get into debt. Don't borrow to play. Don't spend the housekeeping. Only spend what you can afford, otherwise you'll feel guilty at your first 'loss' and decide to play less or give up altogether. My Lotto-80 Membership will help you save money.

MISTAKE #7. Not celebrating your victories.
A lot of players think a $20 win is no big deal. Maybe they've come to expect it with my system that keeps showing how players get some great winnings. But look at it this way - you are doing well to get even a few dollars. Because you are competing against odds that are truly astronomical... 1 in 70 million and more in the big games. If NASA though the odds of getting to the moon were more than 1 in 2, they wouldn't have sent their astronauts there. And yet your odds are so massive that it is a miracle your numbers ever match. So when they do, you've got a true cause to celebrate. You have just beaten off 70 million other number combinations to get your 20 bucks. Celebrate, enjoy! It's all good practice for when it turns into $20 million!

MISTAKE #8. (Bonus for you!) Waiting too long to play.
My testimonial pages are riddled with stories of players who didn't play, or played too late. These two lost over $2.6 milllion between them!



John Tay went on to win constantly. You can see his other testimonials on the Silver Lotto System website.

How To Start Winning Without Mistakes:
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