Pigs, dogs and birds in pyjamas - an utterly appealing lottery ad which goes all wrong

When you gather a group of cute animals together and film them going to bed in pyjamas and onesies, what could possibly go wrong? Well it does, and the result is another great commercial from yesteryear for the New York Lottery's game "Sweet Million." The last draw for this game was December 2014. Watch for the crash at the end which jolts us all back into reality.

The lottery winner's futuristic high tech home with an automated parking lift [VIDEO]

There's no end of the ideas that lottery winners can use for their own home in this video. But you're going to have to buy in Florida to take advantage of the automated car lift in a 9-story luxury condo development. Take a look at the million dollar homes that are using technology to make life easier and safer for their owners.

How big is your lottery wishlist? Here's one guy who has listed 101 things he would do if he won

After a car, a house and a boat, most of us run out of ideas to spend our lottery jackpot win. Not Andrew Lowe. The fast-talking YouTube star from St Louis, Missouri, rattles off an unprepared list of 101 items and things he wants to accomplish with a win. I wonder if candles are on the 19-year-old's want list?

The amazing real footage of $285 million Powerball lottery winner caught on camera trying to cash in his ticket

Seeing a lottery winner discover they have won a gigantic lottery jackpot is a once-in-a-lifetime event rarely caught on camera. But as staff from the winning Missouri store were putting up the "Winning Powerball Ticket Sold Here" sign outside on a billboard, the actual $285 Million Powerball winner himself turned up with the ticket. Watch as the staff can't believe their eyes,.

Blooper alert as Pennsylvania Lottery live draw gives these lottery presenters a headache

Sometimes life - and the lottery - doesn't always go to plan. This viewer video of the Pennsylvania Lottery live tv draw in January 2015 was a disaster from start to finish.

One comment noted: "I watched this on WPVI in Philly. I was shocked. I don't recall any problems involving 2 or more machines in all my years watching the PA Lottery TV drawings."

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